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155th Anniversary Battle of West Point, GA April 16, 1865

The Fort was quiet, more quiet than usual, because on a day that typically brings reenactors and commemorative musket fire most people sheltered from a different kind of threat. As I contemplated the day, my thoughts returned to the phrase - God is our peace - Jehovah Shalom.

D-Day, Flag Day, Historical Fiction, Jumpin' the Rails!

‘the cause of freedom’

Familiar colors evoke thoughts of sky-lined fireworks, and family celebrations: watermelon, charcoal, and water-soaked laughter. The colors belong to our flag and depend on each other to represent the whole. Routes to city halls and along roadways are lined with red, white, and blue – Memorial Day has passed, and July 4thawaits, so my daughter… Continue reading ‘the cause of freedom’


Book Clubs & Binge Watching

I recently did two things I seldom do - cleaned out drawers and closets and binge watched a series on Hulu. As I mindlessly watched the series and pulled socks from my daughter's drawer that fit a two-year-old, this is a big reveal on my part because she is nearly a teen, I discovered more… Continue reading Book Clubs & Binge Watching


A Known Place that Remembers the “Unknown”

​​ My son working on a book video for “Jumpin’ the Rails!” – a school project – at the historic Fort Tyler Cemetery.  He found that fifty-seven Union and Confederate graves were marked as “Unknown April 16, 1865.”  The reenactments, monuments and retold stories become real at this spot where 76 of the veterans are… Continue reading A Known Place that Remembers the “Unknown”


Independence & A Perfect Union

My family's greatest hardship on the Fourth of July is most likely the time spent retreating from the fireworks displays. The big displays take hours to exit. In the past, before we learned our lesson, we'd sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic in our air-conditioned car. We were tired, starting to get hungry and someone had to… Continue reading Independence & A Perfect Union