Jumpin’ the Rails!

Jumpin’ the Rails! is a time travel adventure set during the American Civil War and present day.

“Aleks and Adam have grown up together as best friends and fail to see the difference in the color of their skin. But when they accidentally find themselves transported to the 1860s they experience first-hand what it’s like to suffer the atrocities of bigotry in the south at a time when slavery was the norm. So when Aleks returns to the present but discovers Adam is still trapped in the past, he is gravely concerned for the safety and well-being of his friend. Desperate to find where and when Adam is, Aleks tries to return to the past so he can bring his friend back…
This fast-paced story is full of fantastic adventures intertwined within real-life historical events. Author Sheila W. Slavich breathes life into the events of the Civil War, making moments of yesteryear as real and vibrant as they once were. Reluctant readers will revel in the story and may even develop a fascination for Civil War history. Recommended for home and school libraries, Jumpin’ the Rails earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.”
~ 5-Star Review by Literary Classics