Go Ahead, Judge This Book by its Cover!

The old expression, “don’t judge a book by its cover” has made its way through time, convincing us all that we should press on past the cover when choosing friends and books.

The truth is that we don’t go outside our homes without at least fixing our “cover” so it’s presentable.  The same is true about a book, its cover is meant to represent the book well.

As we await the published version of “Jumpin’ the Rails!” I wanted to share its cover.  Notice the young guy’s shoes, the railroad trestle and his hat.  Where’s he going?  Where’s he been?


14 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Judge This Book by its Cover!”

  1. Wow! Please let us know when we can order your book. I showed ally the cover and read your description and questions about the cover. She says the cover makes her think that the civil war will be explained through the boys point of view and will help us understand how it shaped who we are today. I love the different shoes!! So excited for you!

    1. Ally is correct!:) My cover artist, Connie Wilkerson-Arp, did an amazing job creating the book’s first impression. She had a brief synopsis of the book and came up with this idea that turned into the cover. I’m am so excited that Ally was able to understand the book’s purpose from the picture. This tells me we chose the right cover!

  2. I know Sheila has put her college degree along with extensive research into this book. I’m looking forward to seeing it in bookstores, libraries and on my bookshelf.

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